Officers/Board Members

Dr. Susan Elbin, President-elect; Connie Keller, Treasurer; Karen DeChristopher, President; Karen Gajewski, Secretary; Dr. Joseph Weisberg, Vice President and Frank Cahill, immediate past President and Foundation President

Our club is governed by an elected Board of Directors and Officers, comprised of hard working men and women.

2019-2020 Officers

President – Karen DeChristopher
Immediate Past President/Foundation President – Frank Cahill
President Elect – Dr. Susan Elbin
Vice President – Dr. Joseph Weisberg
Secretary – Karen Gajewski
Treasurer – Casey Parikh

Board of Directors:

Club Administration – Bob Keller
Community – Carol Tiesi
YCPO (Young Children Priority One) co-directors – Nicolas Limanov and Dr. Julie Scarano-Debrossy
Sponsored Youth – Ron Orthwein and Greg Elbin
Human and Spiritual – Dr. Susan Elbin

Committee Chairpersons:

Membership – Karen Gajewski, Joyce Garrow
Newsletter – Connie Keller
Publicity/Website – Frank Cahill
Aktion Club – Joyce Garrow
Homeless Solutions – Frank Cahill
Mission  Partners – 
Leigh A. DelPorto

Fundraising Event Chairpersons – 2019
Trivia Night – Greg and Susan Elbin
Golf Outing – Jayne Beline, Ronda Kron and Karen Gajewski
Touch-A-Truck – Nicolas Limanov
Grand Tasting – Michael Mulhaul
Comedy Night – Gordon Meth