Upcoming Events

You are invited to attend a meeting on Thursday** morning at 7:15 a.m. at Empire Diner, 1315 Route 46, Parsippany.

We hope you will be able to join us to learn more about Kiwanis and see how you fit into the picture. Newcomers and visiting clubs always welcome!


September 3 – Karen DeChristopher

September 6 – Herb Wolf

September 8 – Connie Keller

September 9 – Greg Elbin

September 18 – Carol Tiesi

September 25 – Kelly Lustig

September 26 – Dave Philipps

September 29 – Nick Limanov


September 7 – Frank Cahill

September 14 – Karen Gajewski

September 21 – Laura Donnelly

September 28  – Greg Elbin


September 14 – Ecumenical Breakfast

September 17 – Parsippany 2017 Fall Festival

September 19 – Workshop – “Prevent Your Child from Being Kidnapped, Abducted, or Sexually Exploited”

October 4 – Installation Dinner – Officers for 2017-18 year

NOMINATIONS FOR OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS 2017-18  The following people have been nominated as officers for the coming year: President: Frank Cahill;  President Elect:  Karen DeChristopher;  Vice President: Dr. Susan Elbin; Treasurer:  Connie Keller; Secretary:  Karen Gajewski;  Immediate Past President and President of the Foundation:  Gregory Elbin.

The following people have been nominate as Directors of the following committees: Club: Bob Keller;  Community: Carol Tiesi; YCPO:  Karen DeChristopher/Nick Limanov; Human and Spiritual: Susan Elbin; Sponsored Youth:  Ron Orthwein


October 5 – no morning meeting

October 12 – Grand Tasting, Hanover Manor, 6:30 pm – For advertising opportunities in our Ad Journal, click here; For sponsorship and ticket opportunities, click here.  Donation request letter, click here.



September 23 – Connie Keller, Morgan Killam, Greg Elbin, Susan Elbin

October 28 – Nick Limanov, Bob Young, Debbie Young, Joyce Garrow

November 25 – Gordon Meth, Kyle Meth, Jacob Meth

BLUE LEVEL TODAY CLUB – Our Club has achieved Blue Level Today Club Status for the 2015-16 Kiwanis Year.  This means that we were able to donate $10 per member to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund and we have earned a digital Blue Level Club Award to be displayed on our website.

THE NUTS ARE IN!!   Our delicious three pound cans of nuts are available again for $35.00  Please see Karen Gajewski.

AMAZONSMILE FOR  GREATER PARSIPPANY FOUNDATIONAmazon.com will contribute .5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchase to our foundation. All you have to do is shop at smile.amazon.comAmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know; same products, same prices, same service  (and it works with amazon prime accounts)  It’s that simple to add funds to our foundation!!!   It’s super easy…. 

PLAN AHEAD – KIWANIS DUES – ANNUAL DUES ARE $125.00 AND MUST BE PAID BY September 30, 2017.   Please make your checks payable to ‘KCGP’ or ‘Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany’ You can mail your check to the Club at PO Box 5342, Parsippany, NJ 07054  or give them to our Treasurer, Connie Keller or our Secretary, Karen Gajewski  at any morning meeting.

WORKSHOP –  “Prevent Your Child from Being Kidnapped, Abducted, or Sexually Exploited” – Tuesday, Sept 19  6:30 – 8:30 pm  at the Parsippany Library.  This event is being sponsored by our Kiwanis Club in conjunction with the Morris County Sheriff’s Office.  DID YOU KNOW… Approximately 2,000 children are reported missing each day or ONE EVERY 37 SECONDS Help protect your child from becoming a part of these alarming statistics by attending this program on child safety. Attendees will be provided with the tools to prevent child abduction, kidnapping and sexual exploitation as well as the safe use of technology (PCs and cell phones). Mr. Robinson will dispel common safety myths, while providing skills parents, educators and police can teach children to help prevent them from becoming a victim. About the Speaker: Alan J. Robinson, spent 20 years with NCMEC/Project ALERT (“America’s Law Enforcement Retiree Team”), a division of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, funded by the Department of Justice and the Adam Walsh Foundation. He is a national speaker on “Measures to Prevent your Child from Being Kidnapped, Abducted, or Sexually Exploited”.

This event is being organized by Nick Limanov and Karen DeChristopher, Co-chairs of our CYPO committee.  If you want to attend or can help that evening, please speak to them. To download our flyer, click here.

CLEANING SUPPLIES NEEDED – Karen DeChristopher is collecting cleaning supplies for Family Promise to help families transition into housing.  Any cleaning product or item is needed.  She will be making up baskets to distribute to those who need them.  Bring anything you want to donate to any of the Thursday morning meetings.

GUESTS TO BREAKFAST MEETINGS  – If you have invited someone to come to one of our breakfast meetings, please Bob Keller or Ronda Kron know. They will make sure our guests feel welcome and are greeted and get breakfast.

Please support the following businesses who are Mission Partners of our Club: Beline/Hecht Family, Burgis Associates, Inc., Cerbo Lumber, John Chadwick, Nancy and Steve Dickens, The Elbinage – Gregory and Susan Elbin, Empire Diner, Garofalo and O’Neill, IHOP, Ronda and Stanley Kron, Dr. Lou Lorenzo, The Meth Family, Morris Plains Automotive, Robert Peluso, Priola Funeral Home, Par Troy Funeral Home, Western Pest Services, Wolf Business Associates (Maxine and Herb Wolf), Trophy King and Paul Miller.

Newsletter information:  If you have any information for the good of the Club that you would like included in the weekly newsletter, please send it to Connie Keller by Monday morning so your information can be included in the next weekly edition.

Order your FREE Membership Applications:  Every Kiwanis member can order and receive 50 Membership Applications free of charge from Kiwanis International.

Please click on this link and order 2 packages (25 each) and bring them to a breakfast meeting.  Our goal in the 2017-2018 is to increase membership, and we need to work as a team to accomplish this!

Click here to go to Kiwanis International Store.