August 7 – Melissa Kuzma

August 12 – Justin Musella

August 24 – Judi Chase


Oct 26 – Wine Tasting

PARSIPPANY FARMERS MARKET VOLUNTEERS NEEDEDPresident Nick is looking for volunteers to staff a KIWANIS TABLE at the Parsippany Market on Fridays from 2 pm – 7 pm at Volunteers Park.   These people will be promoting Kiwanis, recruiting and promoting the food truck festival, and Grand Tasting coming up.    Please contact Nick Limanov to help:  Or 917-499-7299

GRAND TASTING IS COMING UP – save the date – Our Grand Tasting will be Thursday, Oct 26.  6:30-9:30 pm at Hanover Manor.   Tickets this year will be $75.00    Please begin now to tell your friends and family about this GREAT event.    This is our largest fundraiser of the year and we need YOUR help to make it successful.  A flyer will be available shortly or distribution and tickets will be available next month.   We are looking for prizes to raffle.  If you have any leads or connections of someone who can donate a gift certificate or prize, please let Mike Mulhaul or Connie Keller know.  Thanks!!

ANNUAL DISTRICT CONVENTION- OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS – This year’s convention will be Friday, August 26 to Sunday, August 27.  Any Kiwanis member can attend.   You can go for the weekend or just Saturday when most of the seminars happen. It is a GREAT learning experience!!    2023 NJ Kiwanis DCON Registration (      You can use this link to register or contact Karen Gajewski or Connie Keller for more information.


VISIONS AND PATHWAYS –  For the next two months, so as not to tax you too much,( since we will be doing backpacks too)  we will be doing health items for Visions and Pathways.   No containers are needed, just items such as:   Antibiotic ointment packets,   antiseptic spray or pads,  cold compresses, band aids,   first aid burn cream packets,  rubber gloves,  4X4 pads, non-allergic tape.    Any questions, please reach out to Karen Gajewski.

SPEAKERS FOR MEETINGS:   If you have any referrals for organizations or speakers that might be interesting to our Club, please get that information to Doreen Brennan, she is looking for summer programs for our meetings.

GUESTS TO MEETINGS  – If you have invited someone to come to one of our breakfast meetings, please let Karen Gajewski know.  She will make sure our guests feel welcome and are greeted and get breakfast.   Please be aware guests that are potential members will only receive one free breakfast.

NEWSLETTER  – Directors and members, please have any information you want included in the  to me by Tuesday noon of each week. Great things to share would be projects your committee has completed, news of other clubs, upcoming projects, new member information, community activities,  Any news about our sponsored youth clubs…..please share the information with everyone in our club.


Please support the following businesses who are Mission Partners of our Club:  Blue Foundry Bank, Cerbo Lumber & Hardware, Chick-fil-A, Empire Diner, Garafalo, O’Neill & Ruggierio LLC, Gourmet Café, IHOP-Parsippany, Joe Canals Discount Liquor Outlet, Mayor Mimi and Howard Letts, Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce,  Parsippany Focus (Frank Cahill), Par-Troy Funeral Home, Paul Miller, Restaurant Depot –Parsippany, S. J. Priola Funeral Home, The Provident Bank, Trophy King, Western Pest Services