Our next meeting will be on May 25  at the IHOP at 7:15 am –  Guests are always welcomed


May 4 –  Bonne Sturm

May 11 – Cassara Grasso

May 18 – Joe O’Neill

May 25 – Gordon Meth


May 1 – Sam Yodice

May 12 – Michael Soriano

May 14 – Frank Cahill

May 14 – Ronda Kron

May 27 – Joe Pennacchio

May 28 – Bonnie Sturm


May 22 – Candidate’s night at Empire Diner – 6:30 pm. The cost is $20.00 per person

May 23 – Touch a Truck Meeting – 6:30 pm at Frank’s office – 90 East Halsey Road, third floor

May 25 – Breakfast Meeting – IHOP 7:15 am –

June 1 – Evening Meeting – IHOP 6:30 pm; short Board of Directors meeting following – Michael King, minerals

June 8 – Breakfast Meeting – IHOP 6:30 pm – Dr. Barbara Sergeant, Par-Troy Board of Ed

June 15 – Breakfast meeting – IHOP 7:15 am

June 17 – KCGP Touch-A-Truck – Liquid Church Parking Lot

June 22 – Breakfast meeting – IHOP 7:15 am

June 29 – Breakfast Meeting – 7:15 IHOP

Sept 9 – 3rd Annual KCGP Food  Truck and Music Fest – Veterans Memorial Park

Oct 26 – Wine Tasting

TOUCH-A-TRUCK MEETING  MAY 23There will be a Touch-a-Truck meeting at 6:30 pm at Frank Cahill’s office, 90 East Halsey Rd, 3rd floor.    We may have trucks, fire trucks, and ambulances coming, but now we need YOU.

It takes many people to make this a successful event.  Nick is looking for volunteers to help with the event.   We’ll need at least 4-6 people to help with admission.  Please reach out to Nick to volunteer or come to the meeting.

Many hands make light work.     A light dinner will be served!!

CANDIDATES NIGHT – Frank Cahill will host this meeting to meet all the candidates running for Kiwanis office in the district.   Since this will be our last meeting at the Empire Diner before it closes, Frank will present them with a Plaque to thank them for supporting our club for the past 35 + years.    Dinner is $20.00 per person.


NEW MEETING SCHEDULE At the last Board meeting, it was decided to begin having Club meetings every week.   All meetings will be held at IHOP.    The first meeting of the month will be an evening meeting at 6:30 pm at IHOP. (except May 4, which will be a breakfast meeting)  All other weekly Thursday meetings will be held in the morning at IHOP beginning at 7:15 am.   Prices will remain the same for both breakfast and dinner.   IHOP will also accommodate anyone with allergies or certain reasonable requests.

VISIONS AND PATHWAYS –      For the month of May, we will be doing a pail of cleaning supplies.  You can donate the whole pail or just items, and Karen G will put them together in pails.  Then she will deliver, or Visions and Pathways will pick up the items once a month.  Suggestions for the cleaning brigade are:  cleaning gloves, cleaning cloths, disinfectant spray, disinfectant wipes, brooms, mops, cleaning pails, furniture polish, glass cleaner, and scrub brush and scruffies.  Anything will be appreciated.   We will start collecting at the 5/4/23 meeting and collect till the end of May.  Each month Karen will give you a new idea and some suggestions.  One tip is that most of these items can be purchased at the dollar store, so for $ 5.00, you can do a lot for kids in need.    If you have any questions, please reach out to Karen Gajewski


CLUB SECRETARY NEEDED  As you may or may not know, our beloved secretary, Karen Gajewski, will retire from club secretary on September 31, 2023.     We are looking for a new club secretary who can work alongside Karen and begin training by the second quarter of 2023, so he/she will be ready to step into the position on October 1, 2023.   This is a job for someone who is detailed oriented.   If you are interested, please reach out to Karen Gajewski,

SPEAKERS FOR MEETINGS:   If you have any referrals for organizations or speakers that might be interesting to our Club, please get that information to Doreen Brennan. She is looking for summer programs for our meetings.

GUESTS TO MEETINGS  – If you invited someone to one of our breakfast meetings, please let Karen Gajewski know.  She will make sure our guests feel welcome and are greeted and get breakfast.   Please be aware that guests who are potential members will only receive one free breakfast.

NEWSLETTER  – Directors and members, please have any information you want to be included in to me by Tuesday noon of each week. Great things to share would be projects your committee has completed, news of other clubs, upcoming projects, new member information, community activities, and any news about our sponsored youth clubs…..please share the information with everyone in our club.


Please support the following businesses who are Mission Partners of our Club:   Blue Foundry Bank, Cerbo Lumber & Hardware, Chick-fil-A, Empire Diner, Garafalo, O’Neill & Ruggierio LLC, Gourmet Café, IHOP-Parsippany, Joe Canals Discount Liquor Outlet, Mayor Mimi and Howard Letts, Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce,  Parsippany Focus (Frank Cahill), Par-Troy Funeral Home, Paul Miller, Restaurant Depot –Parsippany, S. J. Priola Funeral Home, The Provident Bank, Trophy King, Western Pest Services.


Newsletter information:  If you have any information for the good of the Club that you would like included in the weekly newsletter, please send it to Connie Keller by Monday morning so your information can be included in the next weekly edition.