July 12 – Bob Young

July 17 – Alice Limanova

July 21 – Gordon Meth

July 23 – Olga Limanova

July 26 – Michelle D’Aries


July 25 – Morning Meeting 7:15 am at IHOP – Key Club Governor Justin Chen and recap of Key Club Icon 2024

July 28 – Kiwanis Family Picnic – 11 am – 3 pm   at 100 Green Island Rd, Toms River, NJ

July 29 – 6:30 pm   Touch A Truck De-Brief meeting

Aug 1 – Evening meeting 6:30 pm at IHOP

Aug 8 – Morning Meeting 7:15 am at IHOP

Aug 15 – Morning Meeting 7:15 at IHOP

Aug 22 – Morning meeting at 7:15 IHOP

Aug 29 – Morning meeting 7:15 am at IHOP

Sept 5 – Evening meeting 6:30 pm at IHOP

Sept 7 – Annual Kiwanis Food Truck Festival – 11 am – 7 pm.   Caribbean theme at Veteran’s Park. More details will be provided later.

SHOP RITE GIFT CARDS – Gordon Meth is currently selling Shop Rite Gift Cards as a fundraiser for our Administrative account.    He has a fresh batch of gift cards for this week.    For every Shop Rite gift card you buy, our club gets 5% back for our Administrative account.


Thank you to all for your monthly donations to the different needs of the Homeless Teens through our Visions and Pathways program.  Your help is greatly appreciated and well-used.  The summer is off for your vacations and backpack collections; President Carol will start soon.  The Visions and Pathways collection for September will be the items teens need for school. Still, they need a few different items, so some ideas are printer copy paper, highlighters, binders, dividers, tape, pens, pencils, and scissors.  So, if you see these things on sale while shopping for the backpacks, you can get a head start for Visions for September.

We will still collect the baby purple hats until August 1 for the Shaker Baby program.  Thank you for the big bag I have already and will take as many as I get to DCON.  Pam is all ready to receive them there.  Even though Julie cannot make our meetings very often, she has her Mom’s knitting/crocheting group making them for the babies.  You guys are the best.

Our Foundation Mega Wine Basket is all set for the Basket Bonanza at DCON. Thanks to all your donations in February, I did not have to bother you again. They say our basket is a big ticket collector. Yeah!

I hope you all know you are a great club and doing much good.

Thanks again,


DO YOU WANT TO HELP LEAD OUR CLUB INTO THE 2024-2025 YEAR??  – Doreen Brennan will be our President for the 2024-2025 term. Would you like to work with her to lead our club?   We still need a president-elect and VP.

SPEAKERS FOR MEETINGS: If you have any referrals for organizations or speakers who might be interesting to our Club, please get that information to Doreen Brennan. She is looking for summer programs for our meetings.

GUESTS TO MEETINGS  – If you invited someone to one of our breakfast meetings, please let Karen Gajewski know.  She will make sure our guests feel welcome, are greeted, and get breakfast.   Please be aware that guests who are potential members will only receive one free breakfast.

NEWSLETTER—Directors and members, please send me any information you want to be included in the newsletter by Tuesday at noon each week. Great things to share would be projects your committee has completed, news of other clubs, upcoming projects, new member information, community activities, and any news about our sponsored youth clubs. Please share the information with everyone in our club.


Please support the following businesses who are Mission Partners of our Club: (NEW INFO)  Cerbo Lumber & Hardware, Chick-fil-A, Flow State Massage and Bodywork, Garafalo, O’Neill & Ruggierio LLC, Gourmet Café, Happy Daze Boutique, IHOP-Parsippany, Joe Canals Discount Liquor Outlet, Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce,  Parsippany Focus (Frank Cahill), Par-Troy Funeral Home, Paul Miller, Restaurant Depot –Montville, S. J. Priola Funeral Home, The Provident Bank, Trophy King, Unity Bank and Western Pest Services.

Newsletter information: If you have any information for the club’s good that you would like included in the weekly newsletter, please send it to me by Monday morning so it can be included in the next weekly edition.