Mission Partners

The Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany proudly announces our “Mission Partners” initiative.

Every single penny of your Mission Partner contribution is directly funneled into one or more of the vital programs that the Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany champions. We’re steadfast in our mission: “to change the world one child and one community at a time.”

Our sponsored programs, touching the lives of over 500 students, include youth clubs across all educational stages — Key Clubs in high schools, Builders Clubs in middle schools, and K-Kids Clubs in elementary schools. Beyond shaping young minds, we extend our resources to the Parsippany Day Care Center, Parsippany Library, and a host of other 501(c)3 organizations dedicated to nurturing children and families.

Our compassion knows no bounds, reaching not just children but also families in need within our community. We provide essentials like food, food cards, toiletry items, and blankets, all in collaboration with the Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Community Center. Our support also extends to various state and national organizations committed to uplifting children and their families.

By becoming a Mission Partner, you’re not just donating; you’re investing in a brighter, more hopeful future for both children and communities. Together, let’s embrace the power to effect change, one child, and one community at a time.

Burgis Associates, Inc.
Cerbo Lumber
Flow State Massage and Bodywork
John Chadwick
Nancy and Steve Dickens
Nancy and Davey Willans
Garofalo and O’Neill
Ronda and Stanley Kron
The Meth Family
Parsippany Focus
Priola Funeral Home
Par-Troy Funeral Home
Western Pest Services
Trophy King
Paul Miller
Provident Bank
Gourmet Café
Unity Bank
Happy Daze Boutique